Saturday, 6 August 2011

Are you sure this is a valid prescription?

Vodka of the Gods

Seen yesterday on the PRN side of the drug chart:

Vodka 50mls PO

on the same chart, regular side:

Chlordiazepoxide 20mg QDS

The nurse who picked this up bleeped the pharmacist who briefly did a good impression of a beetroot and then looked like they were about to lay an egg.

The pharmacist's main issues were:

a) Why wasn't this patient (who was an alcoholic) being detoxed?
b) Where did the doctor think they had medicinal vodka in the hospital?
c) What was the doctor thinking prescribing alcohol *and* a benzodiazepine together?

Sadly, the pharmacist left before the doctor arrived to sort out the chart. My favourite part of this was the doctor's eye-rolling and suggestions that the pharmacist was being over the top in getting upset about this. Oh, and then asking around the ward if we knew what alcohol pharmacy *did* stock.

So many of the shifts I've worked over the summer have been guides on what not to do as a doctor. Behaviour-wise and common sensical.

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