Monday, 2 August 2010

Getting things done

If you are anything like me you can't remember any of the long list of the real life tasks that mount up when you're not in the hospital trying to remember any of the long list of demands that nursing/ medicine/ general serfdom generates.

To this extent I have spent the last year working with Remember the Milk to try and stay on top of things. It's a nice, spartan set-up with a decent enough iPhone app (yes I have an iPhone, no it is never more than 10 feet from me at any point in the day). It can be a little less than intuitive at times, but rarely is it difficult to use. The only real down side is the cost - $25 (convert that as you please) for a year's subscription. But that is only for a "Pro" account - mainly the reason I have one is for the iPhone app.

I realised I needed a system when I found myself using backs of envelopes to organise my life and when I lost one, I'd lose my plan for the week with inevitable consequences.

I'd also point you in the direction of Merlin Mann, a Californian who makes a living from telling businesses how to get things done better. He's not your usual cheap suit, bad tan, bright smile BS seller. And he does the very (occasionally painfully so) funny podcast You Look Nice Today, a self-proclaimed journal of emotional hygiene.

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