Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Talk meat to me

So for our date night last week, Mrs Absentbabinski and I went off to Bodean's in Clapham and ate the finest Kansas-style barbecue that South London has to offer.

I had the "famous" Bodean's Burn Ends (see left), which comprised of about a pound of barbecued beef and pork which was the most delicious thing I have eaten in months. The restaurant is the wonderful line of booths with ESPN playing on flatscreen TV's and ice-cold Sam Adam's or Blue Harvest (my choice and hers, respectively).

We had clam chowder to start and that may have been a bit of a mistake. Understand that in London, when you order a main it is very rare that you end up too stuffed to finish it. Bodean's does American fare so faithfully that a few mouthfuls of the delicious pulled pork the meat sweats were upon me; by the final mouthful of beef I was beginning to regret my greed. I couldn't finish the fries. Mrs Absentbabinski had a sirloin steak that she struggled with. There was no probability of desert - A rarity in our household. Belt buckles were loosened. Top-buttons undone and brows dabbed. We both felt nauseous on the bus home. Every burp smelt of barbecue sauce and self-disgust.

Would I go back and repeat this? Oh hell yes.


  1. That food looks really good and a little ironic that south London has better BBQ than I can find close to me in California.

    Although, glad we can spread some good BBQ and American over-indulgence to your part of the world.