Wednesday, 3 November 2010

One down, a few more to go

So last Friday was the first exam I have done in Med School. And it was "just" a formative. Being a formative is nice because it meant that we could use it as a way to test how appropriate our work in PBL has been.

Allow me to expand on this - PBL involves a lot of self-directed study and this provides an opportunity to decide how deep you want your own learning to go. This can go either way; you can study too little and not have the detail the exams expect you to have, or you can go too deep and learn way more than you need and consequently expend more time and effort than you need.

I felt the exam went okay. You never can tell before the results and I don't intend to jinx myself! It did demonstrate to me that although it was a formative and a learning experience, people were still quietly obsessing about doing well. The talk was all "I just want to pass", but I suspect otherwise.

Still we worked hard and then partied hard for Halloween. My costume was bloodied scrubs and a theate hat (the obvious choice?) and my drink of choice was Guiness until I was told it was time to go home. It felt very good to tie one on in a most cathartic way. And totally wasn't "using alcohol to relieve stress" like the questionnaires say ;)

Now we've moved on to the immune system and infectious disease which is pretty cool and definitely something I have more interest in than reproduction, so hopefully the revision for this bit will be easier!

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  1. Glad things are going tentatively "OK". I was starting to get worried by your lack of posts! LOL!