Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Runner's Hip

So nearly 4 weeks ago I was finishing up a 6 mile run and there was a sudden, sharp pain in superior lateral aspect of my thigh, which made walking so painful I figured I'd pushed myself a little too hard and I had a few days of hobbling.

Like I say, 4 weeks ago.

TFL to its friends
I carried on hobbling and stopped running and felt annoyed. It got slightly better after a couple of weeks, but one running session took me right back to square one. So, off I went to the GP, running through SOCRATES in my head:

S - Site - Superficial to the greater trochanter
O - Onset - 4 weeks ago
C - Characteristics - Hurts when I run, not much else
R - Radiation - Nope
A - Alleviation - Not running (!)
T - Timing - Uh, no
E - Exacerbating factors - Again, running/ not running
S - 2 normally, 8 running

My GP went through a range of motions with me, poked and prodded and said "You've damaged a muscle". Indeed. As it wasn't constant and didn't limit my range of motion, we could rule out any joint damage or ligament-related hilarity, thankfully. Nope, the culprit is Tensor fasciae latae. So now I'm taking a further 2 weeks off running and chowing down Naproxen 500mg BD in a bid to tell my body to calm the eff down with the immune response already. In general my GP was against the idea of running "Swimming, yes. Cycling, yes, Rowing, yes. Running? No, no, too much impact", but I think that was idealogical rather than lifestyle advice!

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