Saturday, 18 September 2010

The first of many

Another week down, first exam out of the way.

This week we covered a topic that I'm pretty familiar with, both from many years studying it and from having to care for patients who have had it. I hate being so cagey about the topic of the week, but our school teaches by PBL - problem-based learning and repeats the cases each year, so in the unlikely situation that someone from next year's group reads this they might get a feel for what cases they will see and I will get in trouble. Or something.


Anyway, the PBL case was pretty cut and dried, compared to last week, so it was just a case of nose-to-book and sucking up as much information as possible. I think it's a little ironic that the course dresses up learning with so much back story, patient depth and the like, and it all just leads to going to the library and opening a book and IRL ctrl+c, crtrl+v. It's the self-directed aspect that I guess we do have the onus on us to work at learning, but still, I think my point stands.

Our exam this week was BSL (or CPR, depending on where you come from). It was a nice reminder for me that I still know it to a level considered competent. Inside a hospital CPR is a strange beast that doesn't involve "rescue breaths" and counting to 30 for the chest compressions, invariably because you're being led by an anaesthetist who is keeping track of everything for you. But for the sake of the exam I did my counting, I noted the lack of chest movement from Anatomical Annie and called for help in a suitably loud voice. I passed but was chastened for winking at the examiner on the way out. It wasn't a creepy finger-guns kind of wink, just a friendly gesture. The examiner didn't see it that way, but they didn't fail me either, so I'm not too bothered. Especially seeing as one of my course-mates failed AND got yellow-carded for swearing at the manikin.

And now the weekend, in which our intrepid hero tries to fix his bicycle so he can save a few pennies in train fare and lose a few pounds in excess body weight.


  1. Bwhaha, you got in trouble for winking?

    Someone got up on the sensitive side of the bed.

  2. The rest of my year found it immensely entertaining, I just thought it was a case of "well, I have to give him *some* negative feedback.