Sunday, 19 September 2010

One thing I have in common with Don Draper

Last night was a night out at The Blues Kitchen in Camden which was pretty awesome. It's quite boutiquey and didn't get crazy busy which was nice. There was some great food, proper American Southern fare and some great drinks particularly the Old Fashioned that I spent most of the night drinking. And unsurprisingly the music was blues, which makes for good background noise when you're eating, drinking and chatting.

I'm quickly beginning to realise that this kind of thing will have to be a once in a blue moon event as I am now coming to the end of my last paycheque. From here on out it's student loans and whatever I can get from the occasional shift - although I'm still yet to actually get on the staff bank.


  1. Nights like that are good for the soul. Be sure your blue moon cycles enough to nourish your soul!

  2. Welcome to blogland, no paychecks, and many nights staring at the ceiling going "why am I in medicine again?"

    Here's to m/nurses who become great doctors! Cheers and looking forward to hearing about your experiences on the *other* side.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with NurseXY.

    P.S I think I might be at your sister-school in Ireland--PBL style. Woot!