Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Keep death off the roads. Drive in the cycle lane.

I have become a cyclist.

Which is to say, any given weekday morning 0800, I don my Hi-Viz orange jacket and trusty skid lid and take my life in my hands battling the half-awake drivers of South London.

I spend 30 minutes practicing my defensive cycling (generally involves pointing at drivers poking their noses out of side roads and into *my* cycle lane), working up a sweat and a sense of modest superiority.

It does generally mean that PBL mates and lecturers alike see a little more hairy calf than anyone wants to see, but hopefully I'm burning off the Christmas calories.

And I've discovered that to be a cyclist on my course is to join a clique I didn't know existed. People are coming up to me asking how my ride in was, suggesting websites to buy gear and generally giving me props for riding in whatever the weather. What other mysteries will this lifestyle open up to me?

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