Monday, 3 January 2011

Where have you been?

Everyone just wants to have a good time
When I started this blog I had such high hopes of being able to update regularly and for the first few months I think I did okay. Then revision and associated exam pressure descended on me, and you know what? Med School is *hard*. And revision takes *a lot* of your time, trust me.

Anyhoo, I've been mulling over stuff to write now that the holidays are over and I have 24 hours to breathe before school starts again tomorrow. I'm not the most inventive chap on the planet, so here's a couple of lists for you:

What I've been doing:

  • Revising
  • Having my first proper exams
  • Getting very, very drunk
  • Getting my results (passed, but need to pull some grades up to stay in a good place)
  • First Christmas as a married man (a lot of fun - combination of family traditions from both sides, with a little something that is just us)
  • First NYE in London that I've not been working
  • Planned out and tested my riding route to school (Father Christmas brought me a bicycle so now the road is my friend and I am a vision in Hi-Viz orange)
  • Playing a bit of World of Warcraft (Don't judge me!), though this stops today because, well, I can't trust myself to not play it too much!
Things to come (pre-loading worries for the new year)
  • Actually getting some nursing shifts at my new hospital (Lost forms, general apathy towards the notion of work and hospital bureaucracy have all working against me for the past few months)
  • First OSCEs (getting to be examined on skills I've been rushed through - yikes) 
  • Essays, essays, essays
  • Money worries (I know this will be part of the leitmotif of medical school, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with)
  • New PBL groups! A chance to get to know another six of my coursemates a little better than before. (Something I'm actually looking forward to!)
  • Losing weight - The scales are no longer my friend and nor is the app on my iPhone that declares me to have a BMI of 25.1 - I am now overweight. Boo to that.
I've not made resolutions, because I figure I'm only going to keep on doing something if I either enjoy it and/ or want the results of it enough. I'm not sure that promising to do/ not do something really works for me. 

I hope the people who read this have had good times in the past year and will have even better ones in the upcoming 12 months.


  1. Being back in school because I am tired of nursing and the politics in the hospitals, I understand the conflict of not wanting to pick-up a nursing shift versus it helps pay the bills.

    New to your blog, but congratulations on getting married.

  2. Thanks :) Hope you enjoy reading it!