Monday, 28 March 2011

A case of the Mondays (again)

faffed around
jeans crumpled after they've been tumble-dried
No time to make the bed
Waited in line at the train station, only to find I had money on my oystercard
Missed my train
Running late
ATM only dispensing 20's, no 10's

Realise school starts an hour later than I thought.
Been sat by myself only to have a good friend say she'd been here for an hour downstairs.


P.S. These diamond shoes are too tight and all these Benjamins won't fit in my wallet.


  1. That's so funny, yet upsetting I'm sure. Every time I get a twenty I ask for singles (for ease of carrying a big bill)but then I get a look from the cashier because we don't have public transportation in my city and they probably think I work on a pole, if you catch my drift. :-)

  2. I hear ya on the diamond shoes.

    Spotter tomorrow and damned if my attention span isn't <1 min long today. Gahhhhhhh.

  3. Zazzy - These things happen - blame the whole four days off I had after my last lot of exams. Too much Jack, climbing and Call of Duty.

    ABB - I know, I shouldn't bitch given how good I've got things, but y'know when the day starts badly it can really jinx your whole day ;) What's a spotter? Sounds like some kind of sneaky test.

  4. Whhhhaaaaa? I thought you would have spotters as well! Some schools call them 'bell ringers'. I did a post explaining them last year:

    If you don't have them at your school then you ought to get off your chair right now and kiss the floor of your institution in gratitude. :)