Sunday, 6 March 2011

Acceptable, again

My school has an interesting way of grading our exam results: Acceptable, Cause for Concern and Unacceptable. You also get to know the range of the class’s score and the median result. But no A’s or B’s or curving the grade.

And I’m acceptable. More accurately I’m a bit above-average. And that is something I’m entirely happy with, because frankly, I’ve needed a win for a while now. I’ve been bogged down in feeling like I wasn’t good enough to, like I should stop this nonsense and head back into nursing where I could make a buck, be good at something and not feel like I was a pretender. My grade for the mock OSCE put me a little above average which is where I have been throughout my educational career. Primary school, secondary school, A-levels, previous university life - above average. Not top of the class, not a notably able student who’s full of promise, just a pretty good student.

So I can go into revision for the next round of exams (2 and a bit weeks time) with a more positive feeling than I went into the mock OSCE. And I've just finished a weekend at the family homestead, being fed and watered, drinking someone else's booze and seeing how my father is getting along. Aside from not being allowed raise his arm above his head, he's doing just great, which has also taken a load off my mind (and his, I rather suspect - and the rest of the family!)

Which reminds me, thanks for all your continuing words of support and comfort, it's really meant a lot to me.

I hope you've all had as good a weekend as I have :)

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