Friday, 4 February 2011

30 Day challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

No :P

Hang on, let me try for ten and see how I go:

1) I was first of goodness knows generations of my family to go to university
2) I'm the first of goodness knows generations of my family to go to medical school
3) I'm almost certainly the first of my family to marry an American.
4) I double-barrelled my surname with my wife's when we got married (it sounds awesome, fyi)
5) I was once described by my high school biology teacher as a "trouble maker" (he loved plants; I thought botany was boring)
6) I rarely sleep more than 5 hours a night (a hangover from shift work, I'm sure)
7) I was rated as "nice" by the female contingent of my course (the other option was "nasty", so y'know, score!)
8) I love using my MacBook and will earn enough this year to treat myself to a MacBook Air by Christmas (student discounts rule!)
9) I'm a dirty lefty. In several different ways.
10) I'm out of Jack Daniels, so I'm drinking Gin and Juice.

10 was a push. I get why the task is 30, 'cause the whole thing is a 30 day challenge etc etc... But I'm not that interesting and I figure I'd end up with a frankly desperate list if I got to 30. Which would please no one, least of all me.

Hope you're all enjoying the start of the weekend :)


  1. Still a pretty cool listing of things even if it is only 10.

  2. For some reason, the Jack Danial's one made me laugh. :)

  3. @Zazzy, Thanks! Maybe next time I do something like this I'll aim higher

    @Estelle, Like Homer Simpson says "It's funny because it's true" ;)