Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Checklist

Dr Steven Novella has just done a nice post on the importance of Checklists in general. I was introduced to the notion of the WHO's surgical checklist by one of my lecturers (I forget the main thrust of her lecture) who wanted to emphasise how lives are saved by double- and triple-checking aspects of care. When we did a mock OSCE on Tuesday one of the stations was drug administration, something I've been schooled in for quite a while and it gave me chance to share one of the checklist tools I was given in my nursing training:

The 5 rights of drug administration
Right patient
Right drug
Right time
Right route
Right dose

I've seen plenty of corners cut in my time on the wards, and how it was down to people doing extra work that there weren't serious complications. I hope I don't forget this when it's my turn to do either the right thing or the easy thing. I don't think they're often the same thing.

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  1. We just learned about all the rights this first week of nursing school, now they're even mentioning a couple more right's like
    Right reason and
    Right documentation.