Sunday, 20 February 2011

A delay in resuming normal programming

Sorry for not having posted anything this week, it's been due to various factors: essay writing, OSCE fallout, exhaustion and Father's illness. People have asked for updates so I thought I'd pop them into a post rather than in the comments section.

He's still in CCU, awaiting an angio (hey, this is the NHS after all and he's not on his last legs so he gets to wait), no meds, no real interventions to speak of, brady sinus ~40bpm and proving something of an oddity to all and sundry.

Apparently his consultant is known to have sat on the edge of Father's bed, head in his hands, and say things such as "we just don't understand what's wrong with you". Which whilst being less than useful is more humorous (in a bleak sort of way) than anything else.

My mother is doing okay, I think she feels the strain of it more at night when she's away from him. She was an RN for many years so she has a bit more insight than most as to how things work in a hospital and I'm able to speak medicalese to her when she asks questions I can answer about Father's treatment. That said, she is doesn't want to read the leaflet about the complications of having an angio.

I am... Maybe not coping as well as I thought? I'm not really sure. Outwardly, I'm not really phased by this. I know, rationally, that people get ill. Especially people over 60 (as my Father is). That he was otherwise fit and healthy goes someway to explaining how he appears to be almost entirely symptomless. He is not acutely *unwell*. He's probably going to have a pacemaker fitted "just in case" - because medics can rarely leave well enough alone. He is at very, very low risk of complications from the angio. He will go on for many years to come with little in the way of long term complications from this experience. The numbers are with him on this one.

And yet.

Myself and Mrs Absentbabinski sat with bowlfuls of chilli watching the TV on Friday night and I just didn't have an appetite. I wasn't even watching the TV. I wasn't really doing anything at all. I wasn't even thinking, directly, about Father. I was just zoned out. A bit shell-shocked and very, very, tired.

So maybe I'm not doing as great as I thought I was. But I'm okay. And so is everyone else. We shall see what Monday's angio brings, I guess.

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  1. Best wishes to your father. Get some sleep, drink some fine single malt. Take care of you too.