Monday, 7 February 2011

Bicycle vs. Car


One big meaty hole, to go, please.
I've officially had my first proper crash on the streets of London. It hurt but it was one I could walk away from. I was on the cycle, she was in a car and decided to turn left immediately in front of me. I pulled on the panic handles and slid into the passenger door on her car and then slightly underneath it. Or at least my bike did, I tumbled off to the side and lay on my back for a while considering how quickly everything had happened.

I got up and exclaimed, using some rather salty language how surprised I was at this occurance, and how the woman driving should pay more attention to other road users.

No damage was done to my bike and I seemed to have no more than skinned knees and elbows so we left it at that and went our separate ways.

2 hours into my PBL session and one of my knees was still bleeding from what looked like a puncture wound caused by the head of an allen bolt. As my PBL-mates became progressively more grossed out by the blood dripping down my leg, I decided to head on down to the A+E dept (one of the joys of having your med school attached to a hospital). I got an x-ray for my troubles (and first hand experience of surgical emphysema - it crackles!) and a good scrub down with betadine at the hands of the A+E consultant.

It's not going to stop me riding around London, though I might go a little slower. I'd forgotten how painful it is to have a hot shower with skinned knees.


  1. Damn women drivers. ;)
    Well, I am very glad you weren't seriously hurt, doll.

  2. I love your usage of the word "salty"...nice! Sorry to hear of your wounds, keep your eyes peeled next time for terrible drivers.